09 February 2012

Mirat-ul-Uroos by Deputy Nazir Ahmad Dehlvi

This novel book Mirat-ul-Uroos is written by Deputy Nazir Ahmad Dehlvi and here it is available in PDF format.
Deputy Nazir Ahmad Dehlvi born in 1830 & died in 1912. He writes in such a very interesting that once the reader picks the book cant let the book He is considered to the 1st Urdu novel writer, he has his own distinguished place in Urdu Literature. His books are now a day considered the base book of Urdu literature and are concluded in the educational syllabus in India and Pakistan.
Deputy Nazir Ahmad Dehlvi is considered to the one of the first leading Urdu writers who write on also a social and religious matter in a way that can be adopted by  now a days a slandered, He was the trend setter and started his career as an Arabic teacher.
In this novel he describe the two parallel stories of two new wedded sisters, one of them is very wise and she is very honored in her new family, but  the counter part or the other sister is very silly, she done crazy things often and dont to be considred the wise lady but her husband is very wise and he manages to live with her despite of her stupidety,
Nazir Ahmad Dehlvi's these novel are to be given to every new wedded bride, it is said by a any great Urdu writer.
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