11 January 2012

Ali pur Ka Aili by Mumtaz Mufti

This book "Ali pur Ka Aili" is written by Mumtaz Mufti and here it is available in PDF format.
Ali Pur Ka Aili is autobiography of Mumtaz Mufti describing first phase of his life. Initially this book was taken as a novel but later it was revealed that it was in fact the story of his life. The later half of his life was presented in his book Alakh Nagri.
In the novel the story of a child is narrated in a very good way, the father of the boy AILI is a very strict at home but he has some close relations of the sluts and the prostitutes of the local area of their city, the story tells us the different behavior and emotions of a teenager in a very classic way, the sexuality is discussed in the novel but the boy could not name this feeling because he is growing up day by day and don't know how to overcome this feeling or how to deal with the feelings..........

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