25 January 2012


Ali pur Ka Aili by Mumtaz Mufti

This book "Ali pur Ka Aili" is written by Mumtaz Mufti and here it is available in PDF format.
Ali Pur Ka Aili is autobiography of Mumtaz Mufti describing first phase of his life. Initially this book was taken as a novel but later it was revealed that it was in fact the story of his life. The later half of his life was presented in his book Alakh Nagri.

In the novel the story of a child is narrated in a very good way, the father of the boy AILI is a very strict at home but he has some close relations of the sluts and the prostitutes of the local area of their city, the story tells us the different behavior and emotions of a teenager in a very classic way, the sexuality is discussed in the novel but the boy could not name this feeling because he is growing up day by day and don't know how to overcome this feeling or how to deal with the feelings..........


Aawaz E Dost By Mukhtar Masood


 This book Aawaz E Dost is written by Mukhtar Masood and here it is available in PDF format.

Mukhtar Masood was among the very few graduates Muslim University Aligarh who completed the studies from 1st class to M.A from Aligarh, He has been awarded Sitara-i-Imtiaz, the highest civil awards by the Government of Pakistan.
He was a bureaucrat too.
This book Aawaz E Dost is considered one of the best book by him.

Ghazee ilm Deen Shaheed R.A. by Zafar Iqbal

This book Ghazee ilm Deen Shaheed R.A.is written by Zafar Iqbal on the life of Ghazee ilm Deen Shaheed R.A.
Ilm Din was an illiterate teenager from Lahore. His father was a carpenter. The 1920’s in India witnessed the publishing of an inflammatory book vilifying Prophet Muhammad (SAW) thereby adding fuel to the existing Muslim/Hindu tensions. Prashaad Prataab had authored Rangeela Rasool (The Colourful Prophet), under the pen name of Pandit Chamupati Lal.
Rajpal was a Hindu book publisher from Lahore. He took the responsibility of publishing the book in 1923 and pledged not to disclose the author’s real name.
One day ilm Deen was passing near Masjid (mosque) Wazir Khan. There was a huge crowd shouting slogans against Rajpal. The speaker thundered: "Oh Muslims! The devil Rajpal has sought to dishonour our beloved Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) by his filthy book!”

Ilm Din was deeply affected by this passionate speech and vowed to take action. On 6th September 1929 Ilm Deen set out for the bazaar and purchased a dagger for one rupee. He hid the dagger in his pants and waited opposite Rajpal’s Shop. Rajpal had not arrived yet. His flight had arrived at Lahore airport and he proceeded to phone the police in order to request them to provide him security. Ilm Deen did not know what the publisher looked like. He asked a few passer-by’s as to Rajpal’s whereabouts and said that he needed to discuss something with him. Rajpal entered the shop without detection but soon after a man alerted Ilm Din that Rajpal was inside. The young man entered the shop, lunged forward and attacked him. He stabbed his dagger into the chest of Rajpal with such force that his heart was ripped from his body. Rajpal fell dead on the ground. Ilm Deen made no attempt to escape.
this book is the story of that young man.
"As Iqbal placed the body of Ilm Din into the grave, he tearfully declared: "This uneducated young man has surpassed us, the educated ones."

Shahab Nama by Qudrutullah Shahab

This autobiography book Shahab Nama is written by Qudrutullah Shahab and here it is available in PDF format. 

He is best known for his autobiography Shahab Nama. In the first chapter, Shahab mentioned how the idea of writing a memoir occurred to him when he visited to Ibn-e-Insha in London. While they were discussing the philosophy of life, it inspired him to pen his own experiences. The complete work was published after his death in 1986, and then soon became a cult favorite among the Urdu knowing circles of the Indian sub-continent.


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